MVP Makes Modernism New (Again)

July 12th, 2012

The Modernist Versions Project is currently featured in The Ring, the University of Victoria’s news source. Written by Tara Sharpe, the feature is titled, “MVP Makes Modernism New (Again),” with Stephen Ross and I providing some commentary on the project.

I will confess that my favorite part of the piece is its first paragraph, where Ross and I conjecture whether Virginia Woolf would have tweeted:

“Dr. Stephen Ross (English), co-director of UVic’s recently unveiled Modernist Versions Project (MVP), thinks James Joyce—if he’d lived in this century—would have tweeted incessantly but probably about flatulence or something similarly irreverent, and Virginia Woolf would have been ‘too much of an elitist’ to bother. A fellow MVP co-director, Jentery Sayers (English), kindly disagrees: ‘I like to imagine Woolf live-tweeting British Labour Party conferences with not a little cynicism.'”

Read the piece.