Scalar for Research, Teaching & Learning

Standards in the Making

Tinker-Centric Pedagogy

THATCamps PNW & Victoria

Huma 150: Intro to Digital Humanities

English 429B: Mid-20th-C. American Fiction

Dissertation: How Text Lost Its Source

IAS 397: Computers Aren’t Calculators

IAS 343: Digital Media Workshop

IAS 205: Sound Reproduction Studies

Project for Interdisciplinary Pedagogy

NEH Vectors: Broadening the Digital Humanities

Audio Composition in the Humanities

English 242: Modernism Now

Teaching & Learning through Digital Humanities

IAS 213: Animating Print Texts

K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award

KEXP Documentaries

Society of Scholars

Novel Cartographies, New Correspondences

HS 208: Designing Literature


Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies

CHID 498: Mapping the Digital Humanities

Mary Gates Research Mentor

Hum 596: Democracy & Diversity in Science

The Huckabay Teaching Fellowship

English 207: Intro to Cultural Studies

Geolocating Compositional Strategies

Hum 498: Media & the Senses

English 111: Animating 1919

English 121: Sonic Culture & Media Activism

Institute on the Public Humanities

English 131: Composing a Virtual Campus

English 131: Unlearning Programming

English 131: Writing Technologies

General Studies 391: Research Exposed!